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to my site for collectable electronics enthousiasts: www.antiekeradio.nl.
I created this site, mainly because my greatest hobby is "antique radio".
The website, initially started as an experiment, has been growing continuously.
Today, it contains quite a lot of photos, original commercial material, andother  information.
My primary field of collecting is philips appliances, but besides those there alot of other brands in my collection. I also have some old tape recorders, andeven some b/w TV's running on tubes!!.  This site can be viewed in 800x600resolution, use F11 to enlarge the screen.

Do you have an old radio that you don't know of what to do with it? Don'tthrow it away!!! You might give it to a collector (if you live in Holland orBelgium I might be able to pick it up). On my "links" pages you canfind collectors from all around the world.  Sendme an email
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