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Original Documentation;
- User Manual of the First Philips Radio (1927) scanned, texts are in dutch.
Scanned by myself: (TIFF files in ZIP archive)
- Blaupunkt "kundendienstschrift" type 5W69 
- Blaupunkt "kundendienstschrift" type 5W69K 
- Blaupunkt "kundendienstschrift" type 6W69 
- Blaupunkt "kundendienstschrift" type 6BW69 
- Blaupunkt "kundendienstschrift" type 6GW69 
- Blaupunkt "kundendienstschrift" type 6B69 
- Blaupunkt "kundendienstschrift" type 6W79
- Blaupunkt "kundendienstschrift" type 7W79
- Blaupunkt "kundendienstschrift" type 8W79  
- Blaupunkt "kundendienstschrift" type 11W79
- Blaupunkt "kundendienstschrift" type Autosuper 7A79
- Schematic Philips K7 Colour TV (PCB layout etc. will follow)
- Schematic Philips X26K141 (also K7). These schematics were stuck inside the TV's.
Some interesting articles about restoring and collecting old radio's, donated by Herm Willems:
-A "new" old radio
-The life of a "Schaaper" reciever
-Radio Valve Repair Tips

When you are repairing an old radio, an important thing to have is: information. Usually there is something called the "schematic" available, indicating how all parts are connected electrically, and sometimes what the most important voltages are. For most of the Philips Appliances, there also is some documentation with pictures, and data with wich the radio can be re-aligned. I have scanned some TV schematics, see above. Some other ways to get schematics and doc. are:

- Especially if you are looking for reference on radio's of dutch manufacture, becoming a member of a radio collectors club could be very useful. Some clubs have a "expenses only" documentation service, often with a large schematic library.
- For Philips equipment, there also are cd-roms available, on which the documentary of a lot of popular radios from a certain period can be found. There are 3 different versions, each costing about 25 US$. At the swap meeting of the NVHR they are readily available.
- On swap meetings and antique markets, sometimes you may find someone who has a small pile of scematics available (most of the times at a crazy prize). Not interesting for most of us, but there is always a chance to find a schematic you were looking for for years...
- The BBS of  Kees van Dijke Has proven itself a treasury of information for me, especially because you can determine by yourself what you are going to download. However, there are some minor disadvantages about it; -you have to register first, it takes a few days before you can actually download anything. -limited download capacity  (you're logging in directly on his pc, so it cost him his internet speed.)
- There also is a scematic library, you can send them an email, ask if they got the schematic, ask what it costs etc.  
- If you can't find your scematic by any of these ways, you can always put a message on the Dutch Forum for old Radios Many are willing to help by giving information.